Executive Leadership Group

Vice Chancellor's Advisory Group (VCAG)

Providing advice to the Vice-Chancellor on matters of strategic and operational significance, the primary role of the Executive Leadership Group is to discuss and debate all operational matters relevant to members portfolio responsibilities affecting the University, including planning and resourcing.

The Executive Leadership Group is also responsible for the review and endorsement of proposed governing documents and progress reviews on major projects, operational priority plans and other plans.

Papers for consideration by the Executive Leadership Group must be provided by close of business on the Friday preceding the relevant meeting.

The Executive Leadership Group submission coversheet must be submitted for all agenda items to provide a brief summary of the major issues addressed in the paper, to summarise the background to the paper and to outline the specific action required (the recommendations that ELG is being asked to consider). The coversheet is to be used as a primary reference document for consideration of members. The length of the coversheet should be no more than two pages.

Where an agenda item is proposed by a University staff member who is not a member of the Executive Leadership Group, an appropriate Sponsor for the item must be identified.

This sponsor should be the member of Executive Leadership Group whose portfolio or interests most closely align with the topic at hand, this will often (but not always) be the supervisor of the staff member putting forward the agenda item.

For further information on any aspect of the Executive Leadership Group, including scheduling, sponsorship or submission of papers, contact:

Mr Ross Springolo
Director, Strategic Services and Governance
T: 08 8946 7790
E: ross.springolo@cdu.edu.au 

Membership of the Executive Leadership Group is drawn from the senior leadership of the University, and chaired by the Vice-Chancellor. Members include-

  • Vice-Chancellor and President (Chair)
  • Provost and Vice-President
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Operations and Vice-President
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Global Strategy and Advancement and Vice-President
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research and Research Training and Vice-President
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor, Education Strategy
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor, Student Engagement and Success
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor, Engineering Health, Science and Environment
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor, Indigenous Leadership
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor, Law, Education, Business and Arts
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor, Vocational Education and Training
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Director, Strategic Services and Governance