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Before receiving access to either Callista or Area52 you will be required to undertake training: 

  1. Go to eCentre 
  2. Select 'Forms and Requests'
  3. Search 'Callista'
  4. Complete ' Callista Access Request' 
  5. Select 'Submit'

* HE Results and eRollbook require separate access forms in eCentre.

After you have submitted the form a workflow will be created for your supervisor to approve. Once this process has been completed the Callista Training Officer will be in contact with you. 

Callista Student Management System is a comprehensive information management system, managing the student lifecycle and mandatory government reporting for the Higher Education and VET Sectors.

Callista Users will need to access the system using:

Callista bubble19

Logging on for the first time?

If you're using Callista for the first time, you may find the how to log on to Callista (PDF 249KB) resource helpful.

Need help trouble shooting Callista Bubble 19?

If you have issues with Callista Bubble 19, the information may help you to trouble shoot the problem.

Area52 is an application that provides additional functionality and reporting from Callista for use by CDU Staff.

eRollbook is an application primarily used by VET lecturing staff to record participation, assessment results and uploads final grades against the student’s enrolled units.

There are comprehensive instructions available for each section of Callista or Area52 that you may require access to.

Inquiry module - Callista (PDF 1.6MB)
Higher Education Grade Entry - Callista (PDF 295KB)
Classlists - Area52 (PDF 483KB)
Classlists – Area52 Course and Unit Owner information

For password resets or questions about Callista or Area52 you can contact the Training Officer on:

T: (08) 8946 7163