Enrolment information

Changing your enrolment

General information

Changes to undergraduate degree or postgraduate by coursework enrolments must be made:

  • before the census date
  • in writing and preferably on the relevant form.

Changes to VET enrolments must be made:

  • before units commence
  • in writing and preferably on the relevant form.

Change of enrolment forms can be obtained from Student Central, or you can download the relevant Change of Enrolment form (PDF 100kb). If you are unable to download or cannot pick up a form from Student Central, you can write a letter or send a fax.

Any questions you have that are not answered here should be directed to Student Central or the campuses or centres you are studying at.

For any change of enrolment you must:

  • include your student number, full name, course code and course name, and the code and name of the units you want to change
  • date your letter
  • keep a copy for your own records
  • submit to Student Central without delay.

A new Enrolment and Fees Advice form will then be sent to you, detailing the changes you have made. Please check this carefully.


Complete cancellation from course

Before you decide to withdraw, it may be a good idea to discuss the situation with your course coordinator and/or a student facilitator. Often an alternative solution can be found.

However, if you do decide to withdraw you should:

Not attending classes does not automatically cancel your tuition fee liability.


Deferral from a course

Deferral is where a new student who has been offered a place in a course, either does not commence the course, or enrols and withdraws before the semester's census date.

Leave of absence

If you have enrolled in a higher education course and the first census date has passed (or you have completed some subjects for your course already) and you need to take leave from your studies, you may apply to take leave of absence.

You must:

  • Complete the relevant leave of absence form - Complete Cancellation/Intermission (PDF 69kb)
  • Submit to Student Central without delay.


Course transfer

If you want to change courses you should, in the first instance, talk to your course coordinator (course transfers are relevant to higher education students only).


Course transfer is the process whereby a student who is currently enrolled at Charles Darwin University seeks to transfer to a different/new course, at the same or lower level, assuming that the course quota has not been filled. Admission requirements for the new course need to be met by the student.

There are three distinct course transfers:

  • Change of award outcome (e.g. BA to Bachelor of Science)
  • Change from single to double degree (e.g. BA to BA/Bachelor of Science)
  • Change from the newest course version (e.g. BA98 to BA22)

Pre-1997 and pre-2005 students wishing to transfer to a course at a lower level should note that they will loose their pre-status and be treated as 2005 students, and under HESA 2003 are charged the applicable fees.

Additional information

The process of course transfer is not to be used for students who are seeking to study a course at a higher level than the course enrolled in. These students must complete an Application for Admission form and client selection is undertaken during the university's offer rounds as advertised on relevant university publications and on the Current Students site.

Pre-1997 and pre-2005 students are encouraged to contact Student Central to ensure their current fee status is not affected.

Special conditions

Generally, students must have successfully completed at least 40 credit points in their current course of study before they may be permitted to seek a transfer to a new course of study. This does not apply to students who are seeking a course transfer to the newest version of the course. In this case, evidence of at least 10 credit point of successful study is required.

Students who are not currently enrolled and whose status is either inactive or lapsed, are not permitted to use the course transfer process. These students are encouraged to submit an Application for Admission form for the proposed course of study.

Course transfers are only allowable prior to semesters, 1 or 2.

To transfer courses you must:

  • complete a Course Transfer form -  Course Transfer (eForm) 
  • complete enrolment details for your new course, identifying any units (other than whole year units) you wish to continue from your first course
  • complete a new Request for Commonwealth Support and HECS-HELP form if you are transferring from one higher education, HECS-liable course to another, unless you transfer from one course version to another, e.g. BBUS98 to BBUS23 (contact Student Central for this form)
  • request for the transfer of credits if you have completed any units or modules that are relevant to your new course. Your course coordinator will ensure you are provided with relevant advanced standing.


Recognition of prior learning and credit transfer

Any applications for exemption should be discussed with your course coordinator. You may download an Application for Exemption (RPL).

Withdrawal from units after the census date

Withdrawing from units after census date normally results in an academic penalty and a fee penalty (your HECS liability will remain). You will need to provide a reason for withdrawing from any units after the census date. If you feel you have a legitimate reason for withdrawing after the census date, you need to put your reasons in writing and submit them to the Manager, Student Services (see Student Central).

Any further queries about HECS-HELP should be directed to the HECS web page or to Student Central.

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