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Alumni success stories

Maksudur Khan, past Master of Accounting student and Charles Darwin University

Maksudur Khan

Accountant at Vital Addition
Master of Accounting (Professional Practice)

"Charles Darwin University's Master of Accounting (Professional Practice) course helped me extensively in my career. I was a GO8 university graduate with no practical experience and looking down the barrel of a career ladder with failure and misdirection. The lecturers at CDU helped me gain my composure and confidence.

"I was able to secure a spot in Deloitte's summer vacation program in their Business Advisory Services division and subsequently was offered an internship in Audit & Assurance. This helped me gain the valuable practical experience that I needed to complete my course.

"I finished off my degree with a stint in Accounts Payable department of the university, where I believe I learnt immensely from an excellent mentor. I then made the bold decision to move interstate and did a short spell in the state government, working for the parliament of Victoria. I am now settled in Sydney and currently working as an Accountant in a niche Business Advisory firm called Vital Addition. I have found a place where I belong, love what I am doing and it is thanks to my experiences at Charles Darwin University." 

Kaizan Irani, past Master of Accounting student and Charles Darwin University

Kaizan Irani

Tax Accountant, ITP
Master of Accounting (Professional Practice)

"A friend told me about CDU, and after some research I was able to transfer my credits from my previous university with minimum effort. CDU was a totally different world to what I was used to. It was such a relaxed multicultural environmental. I was surprised to discover that I could approach my lecturers anytime.

"I also lived on campus at International House Darwin for two years while finishing my Masters of Accounting (Professional Practice) at CDU, this experience was also supportive of my professional learning.

"Charles Darwin University had opportunities which were not previously available to me from other universities such as my three-month internship at KPMG; an impressive addition to my resume. After completing my studies, I took a short tax course at ITP Darwin. The taxation subject offered through CDU as part of my course helped me get through the course. Soon after completing this tax course, I obtained a full-time position with ITP. This position has been nothing short of amazing with endless opportunities to grow in the field of accounting. I am now on the pathway to obtaining by CPA; a pathway made possible by CDU"

Cristina Yuri Rebelo Santos Costa, past Master of Business Administration student at Charles Darwin University

Cristina Yuri Rebelo Santos Costa

Adviser to the Office of the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs
Masters of Business Administration (Professional Practice) 

"I had the most wonderful experience during my study at CDU. I was able to meet students from different places around the globe and share some fantastic life experiences with them. The staff in CDU, especially lecturers always had time for students and cared about the student's performance.

"It has been amazing to realise that everything that I have learned at CDU is now applicable in my job. I advise H.E. Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs on investment portfolios, both domestic and international. In this occasion, I would like to thank all my lecturers, and the staff in CDU for all their support and help".