Master of Digital Learning Futures

Master of Digital Learning Futures - Where Digital Technology and New Media Meet Education

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As technology and new media become a bigger part of education and learning, the need to gain insight into designing successful learning experiences with technology gains momentum.

This course is an innovative industry and education relevant program designed to provide leading edge knowledge for understanding, creating and teaching with digital resources and new media.

This cross-disciplinary program explores the digital paradigm in education, and combines contemporary theory with real-world new media and ICT production skills for developing digital resources and creative learning environments.

In this course, students will have the opportunity to explore the theory behind the matrix and issues around computer hacking. Students will learn to code, use and evaluate innovative digital technologies to support quality teaching and learning, ‘play’ with a drone to support the education curriculum, and use video games, apps and mobile devices to design a technology-based curriculum.

This course includes core education units, and a wide range of electives in new media design, web development, introductory web programming and systems management.

The program concludes with a research project grounded in a real-world situation, which can be either theory focused or digital resource production based, and linked to an industry-based internship.

This course is designed for a range of career seekers including:

  • teachers
  • teaching centre technology officers
  • instructional designers
  • education software developers
  • learning and development specialists; and
  • e-learning specialists.

This course is offered in internal and external modes for both full and part-time domestic and international students.

For further information about the course contact Dr Laurence Tamatea, or read more on the CDU course catalogue.

Course Code:SDLF01    Satac Course code:1CM567   CRICOS no:093308K