VET Educator Capability Framework: Handbook & Development and Review Tool (PDRS)

24 April 2018

VET Educator Capability Framework Cycle

VET Educator Capability Framework

The VET faculty has worked in collaboration with OPC- Organisational Capability to develop a CDU VET Educator Capability Framework to be utilised for all VET Teaching Focused, Team Leaders and Head of Schools.

What is the Capability Framework? 
The VET Educator Capability Framework contributes to Strategic Priority 4 of the VET Plan 2017 -2019.  It provides an overview of the broad capabilities required to perform effectively as an educator, manager and leader in VET at CDU. It describes the progression of skills and knowledge required to develop and enhance an educator’s career, as well as a common language and a set of standards for VET educators at CDU.

The VET Educator Capability Framework will inform development plans and the annual PDRS plan.  

The tool is helpful in determining the staff member capabilities in learning, teaching and assessment and identifying areas for improvement in knowledge, skills, behaviours and specialist expertise that are required to perform as a VET educator at CDU.   The tool replaces the traditional word format PDRS form and is to be completed in excel.
To locate the resource and template forms click here for the quick link to the OPC website.

If anyone has any queries, concerns, issues with the tool/framework, or missed the sessions being offered and would like to meet/discuss, please contact Karen Stoddard or email

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