Register of Delegations

Register of Delegations

The Charles Darwin University Act gives Council, as the governing body of the University, the responsibility for the control and management of the affairs and concerns of the University. The Act and associated by-laws gives the Vice-Chancellor powers to manage the University. 

It's not possible for Council or the Vice-Chancellor to act on all of these powers and this is recognised in the Act under section 42 - Delegation.

A power or function delegated (or passed down / transferred) under section 42 of the Act, is the partnership of authority and not responsibility to another staff member (normally to a subordinate) to act on their behalf to carry out specific activities. When a power or function delegated under this section is exercised or performed by the delegate, it's taken to have been exercised or performed by the Council or Vice-Chancellor, as the case may be. A delegation under this section does not prevent the exercise of a power or the performance of a function by the Council or Vice-Chancellor and they remain accountable for the outcome of the delegation and associated activities.

The Register of Delegations sets out the authority which Council has given to a staff member of the University to carry out specific activities. It is intended to improve the efficiency of the administrative processes by the devolution of authority and accountability to a staff member or committee to enable the proper discharge of their responsibilities and to ensure that internal controls are effective.

The reasons for operating under a Register of Delegations include:

  • risk mitigation and management
  • ability to confirm that a decision is valid as it is being made by a staff member with the appropriate authority
  • transparency, comparability and fairness across the University
  • exercise of responsibility and judgment across different levels of the University hierarchy
  • decision making in a timely way by staff members with the appropriate level of knowledge
  • enhanced reputation as a University of high quality that enjoys good governance. 

The Register of Delegations is not the source of all responsibility exercised by a staff member in the performance of their duties. Many activities will be taken by a staff member arising out of their position description, by-laws, rules, policies, procedures, guidelines and practices.