Memorandum of Understanding

Memoranda of Understanding

To advance the goals and objectives of the University in line with the approved Strategic Plan, from time to time a Memorandum of Understanding may be entered into with an external party.

A Memorandum of Understanding sets out the mutual aspirations of the prospective parties in working together toward a common end. Such a document sets out in broad terms the understanding between the parties and is not a legally binding document.

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DocumentContentDate Effective

Australian Institute of Marine Science - CDU - ANU - NT Government (PDF 908KB) 

Develop research linkages and initiatives in areas of mutual interest and benefit

09 Nov 2009

Australian National University (ANU) and CDU (PDF 2.34MB) 

Provision of Joint Doctorate of Philosophy Courses


Australian National University (ANU) and CDU (PDF 106KB)

Collaborative educational initiatives

17 Mar 2010

Alice Solar City (Alice Springs Town Council) and CDU (PDF 481KB)

Research and analysis on the implementation of energy efficiency, solar power and behaviour change initiatives.

31 Mar 2011


DocumentContentDate Effective

Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Indonesia and CDU (PDF 177KB)

Academic Exchange and Research Collaboration

11 Jan 2010


DocumentContentDate Effective

Challenger Institute of Technology WA and CDU (PDF 1.09MB)

Partnership Agreement for the delivery of the Certificate II in Process Operations


Curtin University and CDU (PDF 92KB)

Collaborative initiatives in education, training, research related to requirements of the oil and gas industry

04 Nov 2011

College of Comparative Law, China University of Political Science and Law and CDU (PDF  269KB)

Intensive study program for CDU undergraduate law students and to strengthen academic links and cooperation in areas of mutual interest

29 Mar 2016

Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI) and CDU (PDF 139KB)

Collaborate, foster and develop a cooperative relationship in joint research in areas of mutual interest.

21 Feb 2016




DocumentContentDate Effective

The Essington School Darwin and CDU (PDF 1.7MB)

Establish a mutually productive and cooperative relationship that confers lasting benefit to secondary and tertiary education in the Northern Territory

21 Jan 2011


DocumentContentDate Effective

Faculty of Marine Science and Fisheries, Universitas Hasanuddin (UNHAS), Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia and Faculty of Engineering, Health, Science and the Environment, CDU (PDF 129KB)

Fostering academic exchange and research cooperation

11 Apr 2011

Flinders University and CDU (PDF 1.33MB)

Collaboration Agreement

18 Feb 2011

Fujian Normal University and CDU (PDF 74KB)

Enhance relations and friendships and develop academic and cultural exchange in the areas of education, research and related activities

24 Feb 2017


DocumentContentDate Effective

Government of South Australia (Rural Solutions SA) and CDU (PDF 1.8MB)

Joint partnership to seek funding to develop and deliver National and State specific training and extension material and courses

18 Aug 2010

Green School, Bali Indonesia and CDU School of Education (PDF  80KB)

Enable undergraduate students enrolled in CDU's teacher education courses to complete Professional Experience Practicum at the Green School in Bali.

22 Dec 2014

The Graduate School, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia and CDU Faculty of Environment, Health Science and Engineering (PDF 356KB)

Collaboration in mutual interest areas to foster academic exchange and research.

13 May 2016


DocumentContentDate Effective

Hainan University (HU) and CDU (PDF 1MB)

Promote mutually beneficial cooperation and understanding, strengthen research, teaching and cultural links

02 Jul 2009

Hubei University, People's Republic of China and CDU (PDF 96KB)

Joint research activities, joint delivery of partial courses, exchange programmes, joint academic purposes

14 Apr 2011





DocumentContentDate Effective

Kimberley TAFE (TAFEWA Kimberley) and CDU (PDF 336KB)

Collaboration agreement to undertake training, consultancies and research

09 Sep 2009


DocumentContentDate Effective

Laing O'Rourke Australia Pty. Ltd. and CDU (PDF 210KB)

Facilitate and promote cooperation to develop and collaborate on sustainable capital works, indigenous training etc.

26 Nov 2009

Faculty of LEBA, CDU - Faculty of Economics, Lambung Mangkurat University Banjarmasin, Indonesia (PDF 609KB)

Collaborative Research Framework for Collaboration

19 May 2011

Library and Information Access (CDU) - Museum and Art Gallery of the NT - National Archives of Australia - NT Archives Services - Northern Territory Library (PDF 193KB) 

MoU on Disaster Preparedness for Cultural Collecting Institutions

23 Aug 2006

Liaoning Shihua University and CDU (PDF 227KB)

Develop academic and cultural exchange in the areas of education, research and related activities for the internationalisation of higher education and mutual benefit.

30 Aug 2016


DocumentContentDate Effective

Mahasarawasati University Denpasar (UNMAS) and CDU (PDF 76KB)

Cooperation in areas of research and academic information, development and sharing of courses, exchange of staff etc

24 Jun 2011

MCI Management Center, Innsbruck and CDU (PDF 579KB)

A statement of intention to progress towards exchange of students, development of research collaborations and exchange of teaching staff.

28 Sep 2012

Menzies School of Health Research and CDU (PDF 4.33MB)

An agreement to establish a framework within which CDU will manage its relationship with Menzies as a controlled entity of CDU

11 May 2011

Minister for Employment, Training and Further Education and CDU (PDF 427KB)

Head Collaboration Agreement

15 Jul 2011


DocumentContentDate Effective

National Board for the Placement and Protection of Indonesian Overseas Workers and CDU (PDF 1MB) (English Version)
(Indonesian Version) (PDF 1KB)

Cooperation to Strengthen Qualification of Indonesian Human Resource

02 Jul 2012

NAVITAS Limited and CDU (PDF 3MB)

Development of programmes and establishment of a formal commercial and academic relationship


Northern Territory of Australia, Department of Children and Families and CDU (PDF 2.39MB)

For the employment of graduates eligible to become professional frontline child protection practitioners

20 Jan 2012

Northern Territory of Australia, Department of Education and CDU (PDF 2.75MB) 

Funding Agreement to support the 2017 Study in Australia's Northern Territory Scholarship Program

16 Sep 2016

Northern Territory of Australia, Department of Education and Department of Mines and Energy - CDU - Xi'an Shiyou University, Shaanxi, China (PDF  159KB)

Strengthen cooperation and enhance mutual understanding between educational systems

7 Jun 2016

Northern Territory of Australia, Department of Education and Department of Mines and Energy - CDU - Xi'an University of Science and Technology (PDF 126KB)

Strengthen cooperation and enhance mutual understanding between educational systems

7 Jun 2016

National Taiwan University of Sport and CDU (PDF 974KB)

A cooperative and mutually beneficial relationship for the advancement of research and teaching with the aim of enhancing the student experience at both universities

14 Apr 2017




DocumentContentDate Effective

Plant Biosecurity CRC and CDU (pdf, 8.2MB)

Shared Master Program


Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz, Province of Galapagos, Charles Darwin Foundation and CDU (PDF 1MB)Promote Cooperation for Research, Education and Training15 Jul 2009




DocumentContentDate Effective

The Robert Gordon University and CDU (PDF 338KB)

Development of Academic Cooperation

26 May 2011

Regional Universities Indonesian Language Initiative (RUILI) Consortium of Universities (CDU, UNE, USC, UTAS and Universitas Nusa Cendana (UNDANA)) (PDF 448KB)

Provide quality intensive in-country Indonesian language and culture study program affordable for all students.

Jun 2016

Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods (RIEL), CDU and Graduate Study Program of Nusa Cendana University, Kupang, Indonesia (PDF 380KB)

Scholarship program to support UNDANA students undertaking coursework master program at UNDANA

16 May 2016


DocumentContentDate Effective

The School of Engineering and Information Technology CDU - The Woodside Research Facility Curtin University WA (PDF 289KB)

Testing new technologies in the area of cryogenic separation for Innovative CO2 capture technologies

04 May 2009

State University of New York (College at Brockport) and CDU (PDF 397KB)

Concerning the exchange of students


Saveetha University, India (PDF 323KB)Collaboration based on research, teaching and learning, staff and student exchange in the areas of medical and health sciences, clinical sciences engineering and business 20 Nov 2014
Slukat Learning Center and CDU School of Education (PDF 65KB)Develop academic and cultural exchange in the areas of education, research and related activities12 November 2015
Shandong Foreign Languages Vocational College, People's Republic of China and CDU (PDF 366KB)To foster genuine and mutually beneficial opportunities for academic collaboration.6 May 2016
Svay Rieng University (SRU), Cambodia and CDU (PDF 518KB)Agreement to generate activities which support each university in their endeavours to internationalise their programs and develop capacity.9 Nov 2016
Shaanxi University of Science and Technology and CDU (PDF 85KB)Enhance relations and friendship and develop academic and cultural exchange in the areas of education, research and related activities.29 Mar 2017


DocumentContentDate Effective

Tamagawa University, Japan and CDU (PDF 53KB)

Education and research programs or projects involving Japanese Culture and Language

24 Apr 2012


DocumentContentDate Effective

Universitas Gadjah Mada - Indonesia (UGM) and CDU (PDF 185MB)

Agreement for academic exchange and mutual cooperation in the areas of education and research

26 Sep 2016

University of Greenwich United Kingdom and CDU (PDF 120KB)

Mutual development of educationally related activities such as distance learning, joint science programs etc.

26 Mar 2010

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and CDU (PDF 146KB)

Establishment of collaboration in research and academic excellence

30 Dec 2008

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) and CDU (PDF 236KB)

Establish a basis of cooperation and collaboration

22 Mar 2010

University of Mindanao (UM) - Davao City, Philippines and CDU (PDF 245KB)

Scientific and educational collaboration and international cooperation in education and research

14 Nov 2011

Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Indonesia and CDU (PDF 111KB)

Promoting common interests in education and research

15 Nov 2010

University of South Eastern Philippines (USEP), Philippines and CDU (PDF 103KB)

Facilitate the exchange of ideas, students and scholars/staff

14 Nov 2011

University of Western Australia (UWA) and CDU (PDF 365KB)

Principal Research Fellow Theme Leader Education System Reform

11 Sep 2009

Universitas Dwijendra, Indonesia and CDU (PDF 57KB)

Enhance relations and friendship and develop academic and cultural exchange in the areas of education, research and related activities

30 Sep 2016

Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW), Indonesia and CDU (PDF 120KB)

Further enhance relations, friendship and develop academic and cultural exchange in the areas of education, research and related activities.

30 Mar 2017