Office of Learning and Teaching

Vision Statement

The Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT) will be seen as a rich resource for the schools and faculties in developing CDU's reputation as a leading national provider of high quality VET and HE. We will also be recognised nationally for our leadership in technologically enabled education.

Mission Statement

The Office of Learning and Teaching contributes to and supports high quality student learning and teaching experiences in VET and HE. We provide support and leadership in learning and teaching pedagogies, approaches and practices through a broad range of services and systems that underpin and support effective learning and teaching.

Support to Schools and Themes

The Education and Training Development teams have nominated contacts for each of the HE and VET Schools as follows.


The Learnline Development & Training Team is responsible for the administration and management of Learnline.

Learning & Teaching Plan 2012-2014

The Learning and Teaching Plan (PDF 338kb) sets out specific objectives, actions and responsibilities for activities to be undertaken in fulfilment of the CDU Strategic Plan 2010-2014.