407 Visa Benchmark Training

457 Visa Benchmark Training

Keep your compulsory contribution in the Territory

Is your business planning to employ 457 Visa workers in the NT? If you need to meet your compulsory Training Benchmark or risk cancellation of your 457 sponsorship, CDU offers solutions for 457 Visa Training Benchmarks A and B in the Northern Territory.

Training Benchmark A

Training Benchmark A is a simple solution which allows you to pay 2 per cent of payroll to an Approved Training Fund or Industry Training Fund.

Download the 457 Visa Training Benchmark A application form.

Training Benchmark B

Training Benchmark B allows you to spend 1 per cent of payroll on training for employees of your business. CDU can provide the training your business needs to meet your Training Benchmark B requirements.

Download the 457 Visa Training Benchmark B application form.

For more information on Training Benchmarks, go to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection FAQ.

Your contribution to the CDU Benchmark Training Fund will assist Australian students to achieve their career ambitions in your industry through scholarships and support grants.

Further information

Contact Charles Darwin University to arrange your Benchmark Training solution:
T: 1800 238 838
E: vet-enquiries@cdu.edu.au