Workplace skills

Workplace skills

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Assertiveness techniques

Customer Service

The Customer Service short course explores the essence of truly exceptional customer

service and provides you with the skills and knowledge to respond to customer and

client needs.

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Customer service

Effective Business Writing

The Effective Business Writing short course provides you with practical tools and

techniques to effectively develop professional business communications.

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Effective business writing

Finance for Non Finance Managers

The Finance for Non-Finance Managers short course provides a practical

guide to analysing financial data and understanding the implications of

financial performance.

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Finance for non finance managers

Introduction to Accounting

This short course covers the accounting requirements for Australian

businesses, describes key accounting concepts and provides the

basic skills required to interpret and report on financial activity.  

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Executive assistant

Performance Management

This short course explores the end-to-end processes associated with the

performance management cycle. From the setting of goals and allocation

of work through to performance reviews and recognition

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Work priorities

Professional Skills for Executive Assistants

This course explores the strategic skills of communication, influence and

priority management required to undertake the challenging yet underestimated

role of executive support.

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Writing effective minutes

Time Management

If you struggle to prioritise and complete tasks in a timely manner, this one day

course will give you the tools and techniques to maximise your effectiveness,

minimise wasted time and control your workload.

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Writing more persuasively

Work Priorities

This course provides you with practical tools and techniques to set meaningful

goals and realistic plans to achieve them. It shows you how to manage pressures,

organise work commitments and improve your productivity.

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Assertiveness techniques

Writing Effective Minutes

This course provides practical tools and techniques for ensuring that meeting minutes

provide a record of decisions made by teams, work groups and committees. This one-day

course provides a thorough introduction to minute taking and the skills you need to write professional minutes.

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Customer service

Writing More Persuasively

This workshop conveys an array of tricks and techniques that can be used to write

more precisely, concisely, engagingly, and persuasively. 

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